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Cardi B’s Duck-Feet fingernails Are extremely Y2K

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Cardi B is bringing back once again a nail form that some may deem . . . polarizing The rapper posted a close-up of her manicure on her behalf Instagram Stories, and her duck-feet fingernails had been blinged away in crystals, 3D-cherry charms, and a french that is chunky that just screams Y2K.

Cardi B was celebrating her last Wave’s first birthday when she shared the look at her nails. Out of her beauty that is entire look which included periwinkle locks that perfectly matched her Denim Tears ensemble — the duck-feet fingernails was able to take the show. Her fingernails began as a quintessential tip that is french the dramatic smile line reaching almost to the middle of each finger. Each nail was then accented with various decals — think hearts, traditional gems, and rubies — but nothing was more eye-catching than the tip of her nails, which were significantly wider that the square that is traditional coffin fingernails which have increased in appeal in the last several years.

While some posit the nail trend as you they would prefer to see securely kept into the past, duck-feet nails have now been getting a substantial amount of attention on TikTok in the last month or two, especially as fashion and beauty styles through the late ‘ 90s and very early 2000s make their rounds in pop music tradition once again. Duck-feet nails remain as versatile as some other nail form, if you’d prefer to let them have an attempt, mess around with your preferred nail-art styles to make the look really your own. Take a closer look at Cardi B’s nails ahead.

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Image Source: Instagram {user @iamcardib

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