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Byredo Launches “Eyes Closed” Fragrance Aroma

Byredo welcomes you to trust its olfactory competence with the drop of its most current scent, “Eyes Closed.”

A genderless woody flower fragrance, “Eyes Closed” functions cardamom, oris and patchouli notes for a warm and comfortable surface. British professional photographer Alasdair McLellan recorded the project, imagining a connection that eclipses all distinction and department. The story of the fragrance is communicated through touch as couples stick blindly to each other, exposing their most intimate minutes of trust. “Range and separation have actually been a repeating style over the previous couple of years and I wished to catch a fragrance that supersedes this fragmentation. Retreating from screens that mimic nearness, we may be more in tune with each other if we just close our eyes and locked out the real world.” Creator Ben Gorham specifies in a news release.

The “Eyes Closed” scent retails for $200 USD and is offered by means of Byredo’s site.

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