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Britney Spears’s Dad to Be Deposed Over Surveillance Claims

Britney Spears.
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Britney Spears’s legal team got a big win on July 14 when Judge Brenda Penny ordered that her father, Jamie Spears, sit for a deposition and produce documents related to electronic surveillance. according to variety, Jamie has to be deposed in the next 30 days. He also has to turn over any records that back Britney’s team’s claims that he monitored her phone and bugged her bedroom during the conservatorship through a company called Black Box. Recently, the team, led by lawyer Mathew Rosengart, has also accused Britney’s former management company Tri Star Sports and Entertainment and its head Lou Taylor of colluding with Jamie Spears to enact the conservatorship and take millions from Britney. Tri Star and Jamie have denied the denied. The legal team says it has been trying to deposit Jamie for nine months.

It remains to be determined whether Britney will be deposed by Jamie’s legal team over her social-media posts, a move Rosengart called “harassment” in court. “You do not put a victim back in front of the victimizer,” Rosengart said. “It’s the wrong thing to do. That would be wrong, whether my client was Britney Spears or Jane Doe.” Outside of court, Rosengart said that Jamie Spears needs to move on rather than retraumatize his daughter. “His daughter is finally free. His daughter is married. His daughter is happy. His daughter wants to move on, ”he said. “Mr. Spears, if he loves his daughter as he professes he does, he should leave her alone.

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