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Brad Pitt Broadens on Rejection of Angelina Jolie’s Allegations

Brad Pitt launched another declaration today rejecting claims of abuse brought by his ex, Angelina Jolie. In a continuous legal experience including the winery the couple when owned together, Château Miraval, Jolie supposedly declared that Pitt had actually attacked her and the couple’s kids on a flight from France to California in 2016. According to The New York City Times, she declared that he had actually choked among the kids and struck another in the face, shaken Jolie, and put beer on Jolie and beer and red white wine on the kids. She applied for divorce days after the event.

A brand-new declaration launched by Pitt’s attorney Anne Kiley checks out:

“Brad has actually owned whatever he’s responsible for from the first day—unlike the opposite—however he’s not going to own anything he didn’t do.

He has actually been on the getting end of every kind of individual attack and misstatement.

The good news is, the different public authorities the opposite has actually attempted to utilize versus him over the previous 6 years have actually made their own independent choices.

Brad will continue to react in court as he has actually regularly done.”

A source near to Pitt informed CNN, “Brad has actually accepted obligation for what he did however will not for things he didn’t do,” and stated the brand-new claims are “entirely incorrect.”

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