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Bourjois Always Fabulous Long-term Stick Foundcealer

Stick structures were never ever my thing, as those couple of I attempted were thick, unnatural-looking and heavy, regardless I like the principle, considering that such structures can be simple and fast to use. They are so practical for a fast makeup. I got this Bourjois structure when as a part of a PR plan and like the majority of the times it remained in a shade that was much too dark for me, however I liked the formula and format of it, so I bought the lightest shade that exists online. The only other stick structure I have is from Transformation, which is a heavy-looking structure, while this is so various and a lot more like you’d put a liquid structure in such a format. I have actually had it for months now and I take pleasure in using it – it’s specifically convenient when I remain in a rush.

Texture: This is much less waxy than a normal stick structure. It slides quickly on the skin and the swiped structure does not appear like a heavy strip of makeup, which is great to see, however it’s likewise the least pigmented such formula I have actually attempted and requires numerous swipes to get sufficient item on the face. Nevertheless, compared to Transformation formula, I do not discover I utilize that much item at the same time based upon what I see when I wind it back in television. It’s simple to mix due to the fact that it’s not a quick drying formula and does not hold on to spots where it was swiped on. I choose to mix it with fingers, considering that it’s most convenient to keep most item on the skin. It can be made with a sponge (among those from cushion structures, I do not utilize wet makeup sponges), however carefully, as brushes and sponges can eliminate the item from the skin. There is a sponge at the other end of the product packaging, however I have not utilized it. 


Protection & surface: It has about light-medium / medium protection, depending just how much you use, or how devoted you are when swiping the structure on the skin. It’s simple to develop, as it can be layered over. You can get a good level of protection without sensation there is a great deal of item on the face, so this is more like a liquid formula than a timeless stick structure. End up is dewy-glowy, so it’s more fit for dry skin and most might wish to powder it. Like Bourjois’ Healthy Mix solutions, this is a really natural structure on the skin, it does not highlights pores, texture or lines.  

Remaining power: This lasts averagely on the skin, comparable to Healthy Mix. Not throughout the day, however enough to make it through the majority of it. It fades uniformly. 


Shade: 100 Rose Ivory is a comparable shade to Bourjois Healthy Mix 50 Rose Ivory, however a bit less clearly cool toned. It’s not the lightest shade, however sufficient for me. From the examples and stores I have actually seen, this has 10 tones that are a bit more inclusive than Bourjois’ typical minimal varieties, however it’s still a bad choice compared to a great deal of current launches.


Product Packaging: A twist up plastic tube with a plastic increased gold cap. Up until now the item hasn’t separated from the base, which frequently occurs with such items. The back has an mini sponge. 

Cost and schedule: I bought online from Notino for 8,16 €. I do not remember if we have this shade in Müller, it’s possible we do, however it’s more costly there. 


This is a stick structure  or “foundcealar” that does not seem like one. It simply slides on the skin, mixes flawlessly, does not look heavy and has in basic that Bourjois Healthy Mix liquid formula appearance. It’s practical to use rapidly, nevertheless, it takes more time to develop it to a level you can get with a liquid structure, which may make this a less attractive formula to some and you can’t simply mix it with anything. By the method I have actually attempted the liquid formula of Always Fabulous and they are absolutely nothing alike. Liquid variation is an abnormal looking structure that is too matte for me. I was rather dissatisfied by it, considering that I’m such a veteran fan of Healthy Mix.  

Have a terrific day!

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