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Blokecore TikTok trend: why is fashion gendered?

It’s not for anybody to dictate what and what not to wear, or which genders wear what. In fact, it’s the segregation of gender that creates fault lines in the industry at large. What makes a football shirt “blokey”, when we are currently in the midst of the women’s Euros, during which the Lionesses are shining? What makes baggy jeans “blokey”, when a buffet of brands and women have championed them since their revival at the turn of the 2010s?

The progress of the gender-neutral industry is proven. Recent data by student discount website UniDays found that 79% of Gen Z shoppers often buy clothes assigned to the opposite gender to which they identify, which defies the core tenets of blokecore. Blokecore could just as easily have been galcore, or femmecore, because women like to wear all of the pieces that have come to define the TikTok-lead charge.

To blokecore devotees the world over, there is one key message to takeaway: wear what you want and how you want to wear it, just don’t define it by gender because anything “blokes” like to wear, women do too.

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