Blocco 181: Rapper Salmo didn't include new music in Italian drama | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV - Upsmag - Magazine News

Blocco 181: Rapper Salmo didn’t include new music in Italian drama | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

“I had some conversations with him, and he was always looking and exploring, and trying to find something about his character. He did very well.”

“He came on set having left the character of Salmo behind,” Alessandro explained.

“And that was really helpful for making us all feel at ease to work with him. He introduced himself to us as Maurizio, his real name, so he was already establishing a good relationship with us. ”

Salmo himself added he’s now eager to move into directing after landing his first acting gig, though his stellar performance in the series could mean his fans will start seeing him in front of the camera more often in the future.

Blocco 181 premieres on Sky Atlantic and will be available to stream on NOW on June 22.


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