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Betws Mountain beauty spot blighted by fly tippers

Visitors to one of Carmarthenshire’s most beautiful landscapes had a kick in the eye this week after fly tippers were found to have deposited litter on Betws Mountain.

Sections of the grassland had been covered with litter including plastic bottles, tin cans and McDonalds wrappers.

“The car park above the Scots pine is disgusting,” said concerned resident Hywel Davies.

“Why do people think they can do this in such a beautiful part of Carmarthenshire? People need to start behaving like responsible adults.”

Some of the litter that has been dumped on Mynydd y Betws

Locals are also concerned at the motorists who are using the narrow road leading up to the mountain as a race track.

“It’s totally dangerous and irresponsible to drive like that on such narrow roads. These drivers are acting as if they’re in Brands Hatch.”

Abandoned litter such as that currently lying on Betws can create dangerous conditions for wildlife; hazardous chemicals can leak out of the litter and pollute the soil and nearby water.

These toxins can ultimately enter into the food chain. The contaminants can also inhibit plant growth and can cause health issues in animals.

They are in danger of getting trapped and entangled in plastic packaging, they can cut themselves on sharp objects and they can suffocate if their heads become trapped inside the plastic bags.

Betws Mountain is situated between Ammanford and Clydach and comprises a large area of ​​tussocky grassland.

It reaches an elevation of 1,244 ftt which makes it the highest mountain in the county of Swansea and the highest area between the river Loughor and the Upper Clydach river.


The remains of the medieval castle Penlle’r Castell lie close to the summit while a 15-turbine wind farm located on the site is capable of generating enough electricity to power 23,800 households which equate to one third of the domestic usage in Carmarthenshire.

Meanwhile, local residents and walkers are being urged to keep a look out for fly tippers and report any further incidents to Carmarthenshire County Council.

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