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Best Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad Review 2022

I’m a sweaty sleeper, so for me, a mattress pad is a necessity when it comes to my bedding. I first invested one just to protect my mattress from spills and sweat seeping through, but then I realized they also add extra comfort. I recently tried the Sijo Home CLIMA Temperature-Regulating Mattress Pad ($175-$195), and to my surprise, it was exactly what I needed.

While it offers both comfort and mattress protection, it also helped keep me cool. Made with the brand’s signature TENCEL Lyocell fabric, the fibers adjust to your optimal temperature. When you’re hot, it keeps you cool, and when you’re cool, it keeps you warm. I can attest to its abilities I slept on it during an 80 degree night in New York City without an air conditioner. On this first and hot night, I woke up far less sweaty than I even do on a normal evening. For the first time in a long time, my sheets weren’t damp upon rolling out of bed.

The pad’s fabric was one of the main waterproof sellers for me. Unlike other models that can be noisy and feel like plastic, the brand embedded this feature between the base layer and the top fabric layers, making it comfortable and quiet to use. Plus, as a sweaty sleeper, I can sleep good knowing the sweat won’t be seeping into my mattress.

All in all, this cooling mattress pad works, and I would recommend it to anyone who gets hot in their sleep or even is chilly in the night. That’s what makes it a great investment, you can use it year-round. Snag one for yourself before the summer gets even hotter.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Krista Jones

Sijo Home CLIMA Temperature-Regulating Mattress Pad

Sijo Home CLIMA Temperature-Regulating Mattress Pad

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