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Best New Folk, Roots & Global Music #1

I have put together a new playlist to highlight some of the latest music I’ve been enjoying here at Folk Radio HQ over the last month. The playlist will be updated each month, but as this is the first it seemed to grow quite fast and weighs in at over 4 hours’ worth of music covering Folk, Roots & Global music.

It includes music from our current Artists of the Month, Mama’s Broke (review | Interview), as well as our Featured Albums of the Month from Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita, Kinnaris Quintet and Ye Vagabonds. While there are names in the playlist that have recently featured on Folk Radio there are also, I hope, some less familiar names and artists that may be new to some of you.

The playlist is available on Spotify and Apple Music (the running order may differ between the two services):


Apple Music

For our other Spotify Playlists check our profile here.

You can also listen on Apple Music to our: regular folk and Mellow Folk playlists.

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