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Best Art And Design Add-ons for Firefox Browser of 2022 May

This list is about the Best Art And Design Add-ons for Firefox Browser. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Art And Design Add-ons for Firefox Browser. I hope you like this list Best Art And Design Add-ons for Firefox Browser. So lets begin:

Table of Contents: Best Art And Design Add-ons for Firefox Browser

Google Chrome may still be way ahead of the competition in terms of popularity and performance, but if you want a little less Google in your life, Mozilla’s Firefox is a great alternative, especially if you value your privacy. While Chrome can monitor your every move and report it to Google, Firefox doesn’t have built-in user tracking, but it does have methods to prevent internet tracking. Google has a huge market share these days, and consumers have gotten used to always having Google at their fingertips. In their anger, users have completely forgotten about Firefox Mozilla.

Firefox Mozilla, like Google Chrome, includes a variety of plugins and plugins that you can use as a designer. And when it comes to graphic designers and graphic artists, there are many interesting and useful Firefox add-ons that you may not know about. So if you rely on multiple Chrome extensions, rest assured that you can configure Firefox to be just as useful. We have compiled 10 of the best for you.

Here is the list of the best art and design plugins for Firefox browser

React Development Tools

React is an essential framework for any JavaScript developer, but if you haven’t already, here’s a great tool to help you get used to it.

React Developer Tools is an add-on for the Firefox Developer Tools that allows you to inspect a site’s React tree, including its hierarchy of elements, supports, and state, to see how everything fits together. Often the best way to learn to code is to look for ready-made examples, and this brings a wealth of examples to your fingertips.

pallet maker

In some cases, you need the exact same color, but you can’t find it in your palette. Also, with different color combinations, the same color cannot be achieved. Therefore, this Firefox addon was developed for color lovers who are very specific in color selection. You can choose the color you want from an image and get the same color to use in your project.

When you right click on the image, the Palette Creator option appears and you can select the number of colors you want in your palette. So you can use this palette extensively to collect the colors you want and then create and save the palette.

measure it

Responsive web design means you don’t have to be as picky about image sizes these days as you used to be on the solid web, but Measure is still a useful tool to have in your web design arsenal.

It allows you to draw a ruler on any web page to see the width and height of page elements in pixels, making it ideal for creating pixel-perfect frames and layouts, among other uses.


ColorZilla is another must-have plugin that we already love in Chrome. It is an amazing tool for working with colors in the browser.

If you see a color palette you like, you can use ColorZilla’s eyedropper tool or advanced color picker to quickly pull color values ​​from anywhere on the page, or you can easily create a site-based palette using Color Analyzer at the ColorZilla website. It even has its own palette viewer and CSS evaluation generator.


A handful of well-designed macros can make your life a lot easier, reducing tedious and repetitive tasks into a single click that does everything for you in a flash. And with iMacros installed, you can bring the joy of macros to your browser.

Whether you want to download a batch file, fill out another web form, or export text and images from a website, you can quickly write a macro to do the work for you. The free version of iMacros limits you to 50 actions and has some other limitations. If you find it ridiculously useful and need more features, check out the various paid versions.


If you’re not happy with the way your favorite sites look, Stylus can fix it. You can use it to insert new CSS into sites that aren’t easy on the eye and reshape them into something more aesthetically pleasing.

If you know your CSS, then you can create your own styles from scratch, but for the less technically savvy, there’s also an option to install custom themes from popular online repositories.

EPUB reader

It becomes completely annoying when you want to read an e-book but it is not available in PDF format. Instead, it is available in EPUB format. Many of us are used to reading e-books in PDF format. And when we see that the file format of the ebook is EPUB, we completely lose the idea of ​​reading this ebook. So for readers like us, Firefox provides a plugin called the EPUBReader plugin. There are millions of e-books available for free on the Internet. But if you don’t have the right device to read it, it’s all for nothing.

But if you use Firefox and are an avid reader, you can always install the EPUB Reader plugin in your browser. You just have to find the EPUB file online. Once you click on this file, Firefox downloads it, edits it, and displays it on your screen as a PDF file. The best part of using this plugin is that it can also read pre-downloaded EPUB files on your device.

fire shot

When you work with websites, you often have to click on screenshots to illustrate specific things when documenting them. And when you have to click on a large screenshot, it’s hard to click on the screenshot with your usual methods. Therefore, there is a plugin with Firefox Mozilla that allows you to click on the large photo of the site. This Firefox addon is called Fireshot. You can click the image of an entire web page or capture the selected area of ​​the web page.

Fireshot is a versatile tool when it comes to capturing screenshots. Fireshot allows you to click on the screenshot of the selected area or the entire web page. After capturing the screenshot, you can work with the image you took as a normal image. You can print the copy, edit it and share it with others.

font finder

Firefox Font Finder was created for designers, web developers, and printers. It allows you to find the source information of any element on a web page. Also, you can copy this information to the clipboard and access it when you need it. With this tool, you can analyze the fonts on the page, any font information can be pinned to the clipboard, and you can customize the font options online. Font options include font color, size, and family.

You can access the options by right-clicking on the page and selecting the “inspect element” option. Font Finder allows you to view information such as font color, background color, font family, font size, line height, and vertical alignment. You can also view details such as letter and word spacing, font weight, font style, and variation.

pixel perfect

Pixel Perfect is a Firefox extension that not many designers seem to know about. It is very useful for a designer, although you may not need it on a daily basis. Pixel Perfect is used for design overlays. It allows you to overlay a translucent screenshot of your design over your live HTML/CSS as you work.

This is especially true for the early stages of a project, where you want to match text sizes, fonts, capitalization, colors, margins, and complete the original Photoshop layout. The controls are simple. You can manually position and then lock the overlay image anywhere on the page, and a slider gives you control over opacity

Final words: Best Art And Design Add-ons for Firefox Browser

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