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Bella Hadid Joins Metaverse with a New NFT Series

Photo: reBASE

Everyone wants a piece of Bella Hadid. Now, thanks to a new NFT platform called CY-B3LLA, they’ll be able to get one, albeit a modern, somewhat awkward one. In collaboration with reBASE, a social metaverse site, Hadid is publishing a wide array of shoppable online artworks (11,111 unique works to be exact) based on her own image. These NFTs can be described as digital assets and essentially cyber memorabilia or collections. It also represents more than just saving JPEG to your desktop. You only receive a digital record (essentially a serial number or certificate of authenticity) that proves your purchase of this exclusive asset. Hadid asked 10 different creators to create art from 3D scans of her own body, including her portraits as an animated cyborg queen. There has been an open waiting list for weeks with over half a million people signing up online, and now that the CY-B3LLA is finally out, everyone will be able to find a piece of the successful model in their inbox.

Hadid had the core of the idea thanks to her lifelong interest in gaming. His younger brother Anwar loved World of Warcraft growing up, but Hadid herself has always had an interest in Mario’s universe. “When I was 18, when I started traveling for work, my nickname was Princess Peach,” she says in an interview via Zoom. When the world shut down due to Covid-19, her fascination with online life skyrocketed. “After quarantine, my dream was to be a total actress and play with other people. ” “When the NFT craze came around, I was really curious about what that community was like. It evolved from games that wanted to create this awesome avatar and be in that universe and connect with people.”


Photo: reBASE

Naturally, Hadid was excited by the aesthetic possibilities of creating art from her own image. It sent it to a 3D scan that artists could then use to create the NFTs. “There were probably 200 cameras surrounding me. I stood in the middle and changed my shape so they could view all these different parts of my body, different versions of my facial expressions, my fingers and toes. We wanted it to be very realistic.” says. But beyond the look and feel of NFTs, it built this new platform to be community-conscious. While some details still seem unclear, purchasing one of Hadid’s NFTs will eventually give you access to online and real-life meet-and-greets with the model. “We will organize different events. For example, I hope Tokyo will be one of our first locations. Essentially, an airplane would have helped. If you drink coffee in Tokyo and suddenly I’ll be right next to you. ‘ he adds. “I just want to go to different places that I love and see the people who support me and really hug them.”

Hadid definitely knows a thing or two about capturing viewers’ attention online. It has already proven to be gold on the World Wide Web. For example, for her recent red carpet appearances at the Cannes Film Festival, Tom Ford teamed up with stylist Law Roach from the Gucci era, including pieces from Chanel and a vintage black Versace dress from 1987 with a voluminous bow at the waist and It has been talked about a lot on the internet. “Who is the only person who can make me feel safe enough to fulfill my dream of fulfilling all these archive moments? For me that is Law Roach. We have very similar heads when it comes to fashion. I told him I wanted it to have the classic old festival look.” says. “Donatella was kind enough to open up all of Gianni’s previously unheard archive for us, and I am so honored. He really kept in mind exactly what he wanted for me.”

Regarding CY-B3LLA, Hadid understands that there is a well-founded mistrust of the celebrity-NFT-industrial complex. “This is where the skepticism comes from, actually, people who just want to grab money.” says. “To me it’s much bigger than that. I want it to be collective. This is not a one-stop shop – it’s a real passion. I want to be used as a tool for communication, respect and love.”

Discussing her struggles with anxiety in the past, Hadid thinks these as-yet-undiscovered metaverse spaces have the potential to be healthier and happier than the online world we currently live in. “The whole world of Twitter and Instagram doesn’t apply to me. I can no longer look at notifications.” says. “When we begin to understand very well what each person thinks of us, you start to lose what you need and what you want. We all have these terrible worries, and I feel like that’s what’s been circulating the internet.” There will be a special group for members of CY-B3LLA on the Discord chat app, and Bella Hadid shows up a few times a week to chat with her friends and fans in an environment of like-minded people. Eventually, as the metaverse becomes a more complete space, she hopes to find even more ways for like-minded people to live, come together, exchange ideas and feel at home. “The internet has a scary side, but the internet has a really beautiful side, which is that it allows people to find a place to belong.” she adds.

As a result, he is aware of how strange this NFT and metaverse talk may sound to people who have not yet joined this world, but he is ready to surrender himself to anything. “It’s just a nice way for us to have a community. I don’t know if I feel like a community leader. It’s not just about connecting me to people, it’s about connecting people to other people.”


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