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B. Ingrid Olson « Wiener Secession, Vienna, Austria

B. Ingrid Olson
accompanying the exhibtion

Format: 16 x 16 cm
Information: open thread binding, 328 pages
Principle and images: B. Ingrid Olson
Text (English): Rosmarie Waldrop
323 images
Secession 2022
Circulation: Revolver Publishing
Offered in the store

This book includes 323 photographic images by B. Ingrid Olson, all taken in 2021. Near sundown, the artist typically constructs provisionary sculptural plans of basic materials, discovered things, residues of her other works, and studio fragments. Thoroughly stacked or precariously well balanced, each momentary assemblage is recorded at night, when the cast light develops long shadows, highlighting the shapes and textures at hand. The developments are changed throughout several images, developing diverse sets of near repeatings that proof Olson’s fast choices, small modifications and the motion of light and shadow at the end of every day.


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