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Aus-PNG Network Leadership Series: Music in PNG

In this episode, Michael Sora is joined by Allen Kedeaalso known by his stage name AKay47, to discuss the music scene in Papua New Guinea, and the role that music can play in empowering young people and building stronger connections between Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Papua New Guinea has lot of natural resources, but there is growing recognition from government leaders and in the community that the creative economy also needs to be developed.

“I think music is at the forefront of that,” says Allen. In Papua New Guinea, “everything we do incorporates music culturally, traditionally, it’s a part of a person from the moment you’re born, to when you attend funerals, marriages, when someone’s out gardening or fishing, it’s just a natural part of us…music is an extension of Papua New Guineans.”

Allen says, “I would just encourage our young people to use what’s there, the technology is there… Appreciate where you come from, tell the story that you that you can tell from your own little village, from your own island, because I believe that the world is looking for those unique stories. Now.”

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