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April Favourites, Updates and Wishlist


IT COSMETICS Your Skin Bbut Better CC+ SPF50 UVA PA++++

Fair Ivory

I have actually had the travel size for a while, which at first didn’t impress me, however I had bad skin days then, so when I selected it up once again in 2015 to lastly utilize it up, I understood it’s a beautiful formula. Now I purchased a complete size, although I stated I will not because of the shade variety, nevertheless, the latter was broadened and I got among the brand-new colours. Fair, which I had in the past, isn’t match for my skin and unfortunately brand-new Fair Ivory isn’t that much lighter, however I like the formula and I use it regardless. It’s got a great deal of protection, about medium or perhaps medium-full, however without looking apparent on the skin (the majority of the time. It still has an off day sometimes). It typically winds up looking much better with time and it lasts basically all the time. End up on me varies from matte when my skin is extremely dry to dewy. It has actually the included advantages of a high SPF and good list of skin care components. I still enjoy Missha’s BB RX more, however this one is a richer and matches me when my skin is dry (protection is greater too).
Evaluation is from the time I disliked it, however it consists of before-after photo, so you can see the protection.

An old favourite. It’s light-weight formula that has light-medium protection and looks so good on my skin. It looks smoother than a great deal of structures I attempted and it sort of blurs the pores a bit. They have many tones and in some locations it’s so inexpensive online. It does not match me when my skin is extremely dry in winter season, however for the remainder of the year I enjoy it. 


Advantage Porefessional Pearl Pore Minimising Glow Face Guide

This is the “spinoff” of the well-known initial Porefessional and easily one it assures to both blur/minimize pores, however likewise include a radiance. It’s a pink silicone cream without any shimmer that I can see, so not truly pearly as far as I can inform (I just utilize percentages due to the fact that tester tube is half empty when brand-new and I do not wish to squander it). When I attempted it initially I wasn’t that satisfied, however after I took before-after images, I saw it’s the most reliable such guide I have actually attempted – it’s not incredible though. Formula is thick, yet so smooth on the face and you just require a percentage that I tap in to “fill the pores”. I had a couple of blur guides and this one is the best. It does not flake like Catrice’s guide and it’s smoother on the skin than Revlon’s. In spite of being dry-to-the-touch immediately when it’s on the face, it’s not drying on my skin. I have the Maybelline’s Child Skin Immediate Pore Eraser that is referred to as dupe for the initial and I need to state this is a lot better and not oily (both Catrice and Revlon are more comparable than Maybelline. I marvel it’s even called a dupe by anybody). The important things I’m missing out on however, is the guaranteed radiance, so I do not see how it might vary from the initial. End up is matte, though not a flat one and the skin looks better with it. It has a flower aroma. I’m lured to purchase complete size. 

PIXI +C VIT Lightening Up Perfector 

This is among those creams that has small beads with colour that bust when rubbed on the skin, however unlike the rest such tinted moisturisers I have actually attempted, it’s thicker and indicated to be utilized (likewise) as a guide. I have actually had numerous such items and all wound up too dark for me, however this one is least dark. I can just see it does not match remarkably on the edges of my face, especially hairline where a few of the darker tint gets stuck, however otherwise it mixes in well. It develops a stunning surface, a beautiful glowing radiance without looking oily. Pores aren’t highlighted regardless of the shine which’s nearly difficult to discover, though I would not state it’s conceals them, simply blurs a bit. It’s rather a thick cream and it spends some time to mix it in or get the beads to burst, however it does not feel heavy on the skin at all. This consists of some vitamin C (ascorbic acid) together with ferulic acid, along with squalane, caffeine and some extracts. It’s an excellent item for those who do not like makeup or using much of it, as it simply makes the skin look a bit much better. It has no protection, it simply include as healthy radiance or a small tint. I utilize it under structure as a smoothing, glowy guide.




I believe this is being ceased, as it had a red sticker label and it just cost 1 €. It’s a stunning natural pink shade, formula is velvety and not drying or tight on the lips. However that creaminess comes at a rate that it does not last long on the lips, as it’s less “sticky” than their lipliners in routine collection. I enjoy the colour though and I’m thinking of selecting a couple of more.   


CATRICE Hop, Hop, Hooray! Restricted Edition Mini Nail Lacquer

C04 Lavender Arrangement

This is from Catrice’s collection of nail polishes for Easter, so it may be currently gone. The formula is so good for a pastel – smooth and completely nontransparent with the very first coat. This lilac colour is best for spring.  


AFRODITA COSMETICS Skin Professional Vitamin C Anti-Age Serum 

I just recently consumed Afrodita Specialist Vitamin C concentrate, which was up until now the only vitamin C item I observed faded sun damage and coloring marks, though when it reached a specific point, that stopped, however still it’s the most reliable such item I have actually attempted. This is the pharmacy variation of it with the exact same kind of vitamin C, simply a lower portion. Both consist of Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, a steady variation of vitamin C soluble in oil that does not aggravate the skin and it’s stated to be 25x more reliable than l-ascorbic acid – based upon my experience I concur. It likewise consists of squalane and Ethyl Ferulate, which is an ester of Ferulic Acid. Texture is extremely comparable to the Expert variation, so both are light oily-ish creams that leave a radiance on the skin (those with oily skin might require something mattifying over it when used throughout the day). I utilize it in my early morning regimen



A liquid, greatest Olaplex that is used prior to n.3. I discover this mix works significantly much better than simply n.3 and I enjoy the method the Olaplex regimen (no.0 + no.3 treatment  + no.4 hair shampoo + no.5 conditioner + no.6 leave-in) enhance the condition of the hair. Product packaging is a discomfort, because it has this small hole that discharges small drops, so I simply loosen the bottle and put it on the hair (product packaging now has a spray, I think individuals grumbled a lot), then use n.3 on the top, make a cap out of plastic foil + use a headscarf over it so the temperature level is greater and leave it on for hours or over night. Olaplex states that 20 minutes (10 with simply this and additional 10 with n.3 on top) suffices, however my hair is thick, so in my experience it’s finest to let things work for a while. My hair is softer, in basic feels much better and is nurtured. This last time my fizz was decreased significantly, which simply utilizing n.3 does not occur. If just it were more affordable (or a minimum of their product packaging larger for the exact same cost), because I discover it an important due to the fact that I bleach my hair. 



I was asked to do an upgrade after a while of utilizing this. Top that is truly beginning to trouble me – battery is awful. You’d anticipate it to last a while if you do not utilize it for a couple of days, however many times I selected it up and it was empty. Foreo states one charge must last as much as 40 treatments, however it’s much less. As soon as I had a mask currently on due to the fact that I just recently charged it and naturally presumed it’s close to complete, and it didn’t even power up for a 2nd. So the battery is something I require to be careful about in the past doing a session. I just charged Luna mini 2 when up until now and I utilize it every second or 3rd day, however that hasn’t got power-draining lights and a heating system. As far as the rest goes, I have absolutely nothing various to report as in the past. Their masks have a lot essence and UFO assists the majority of it take in rapidly. I typically do 2 or sometimes even 3 treatments simultaneously (last simply for the neck) to consume all the liquid in the pack, so I do one treatment and after that squeeze the remaining essence on the sheet and do it once again. My skin is extremely soft the next day and hydrated, however that has to do with all I see. I utilize a lot of other items (vitamin C serum, A-game with retinal, Gua Sha…) that I’d have the ability to identify this is the sole factor my skin is looking great, however as much as prior to I began taking collagen and ceramide supplements it was good (the latter 2 made my skin even worse for the 2nd time, however this time I will not continue to squander my cash for months like last time). I do not understand if the lights make a distinction, all I understand exists’s some research study red led lights might assist enhance collagen production, however that’s based upon much more powerful expert lights. I like to believe that this is at least slowing aging in some method. So worth it, not worth it? I like utilizing it, it assists absorption a lot and my skin feels good the next day – it’s an outstanding addition to sheet masks. It’s little and portable, and you can utilize it with any sheet mask, however I truthfully can’t inform you just how much the LED lights do, I believe for that some more time requires to pass to see its impact. I do not have that numerous flaws to start with, however this gadget likewise has the alternative of blue LED light, which is utilized to deal with oily skin with acne.  


BALEA Charm Professional Liquid Peeling 2% BHA

Balea’s brand-new skin care line. This was the only item I had the ability to get up until now, however there’s likewise a retinol + bakuchiol serum, a PHA cleanser, an AHA peeling body cream and a niacinamide body cream. Peeling consists of 2% salicylic acid, so we lastly have a The Ordinary (plus other copycats) comparable in pharmacies here (Revox, another TO copycat, does not have such an item here). It’s an abundant toner like item, however likewise rather nearly oily-sensation. There’s this heavy-greasy feeling layer on the skin and it takes a while for it to take in. When it does, the skin feels dry-to-the-touch enough that I can begin using other skin care. It’s a strange kind of texture to use initially after cleaning and if I begin using items over it prior to it dries, I seem like it functions as barrier for other items to take in. It’s an okay item, simply not perfect for individuals like me who typically have no time/patience to wait on it to sink in. I anticipated something lighter, such as COSRX Blackhead liquid, however offered how quickly readily available it is and inexpensive, I won’t grumble much. My skin is presently clear, so I have no concept how well it deals with imperfections, however it hasn’t done anything for my blackheads brief time I have it. I got no response from this, however my skin is far from delicate. 

BALEA Niacinamide Day Cream SPF 30

Niacinamide Tages Crème

This item integrates 2 things I desire in my day cream – niacinamide and SPF. It has 10% of niacinamide, so comparable to their popular serum that I still have not attempted (I just have the AHA variation). It’s sort of a normal cream that rests on the skin for a long period of time and remains ugly for a while, however it’s not a heavy, abundant moisturiser, it’s simply one that does not sink in all that well (other than when my skin has a drier-than-usual day). I do not mind that on my dry skin, however for the rest, you might require to just use percentages. There is sun block shine at this one. I have actually attempted to use a big quantity, to check for those who have an interest in it as a sun block and wish to use the advised quantity and it does not truly work that well due to the fact that, it feels excessive on the skin and it requires to be mixed to a thinner layer.  


SUBRINA Butter Colour 

1030 Cendre Blonde 

I typically have a stash of Garnier Color Naturals 9.1 and 8.1 tones in my stash, however this last time I was whitening my hair, I understood I forgot to purchase them, so I utilized among the Subrina colours I have in my work stash. It’s really not matched for bleached hair, however I didn’t bleach that well this last time and I had orange tones, so I believed this was a much better option than the rest the lighter blonde tones I have. It’s got extremely extreme blue tones in it, in reality I misjudged how bleached my hair was and I left this on too long (though I switched the designer for the much weaker 3% one), so the outcome was a bit on the green side, however in general near to Garnier’s 8.1. When I cleaned it the very first time after colouring, those tones disappeared and it’s now a natural medium blonde. Orange tones are totally covered. Subrina’s blonde colours have extremely strong neutralising tones (either purple, blue or green) that cool down/cover the strong yellow and brassy tones, however this was my very first time utilizing this shade and I was amazed to see it’s not their normal extremely light blonde cool shade. I like it, though I didn’t anticipate it to be darker than the colour I had in the past. Colour is ammonia totally free, so it has none of that hair colour odor, really it smelled good (flower aroma), however not highly. My hair required some care after colouring due to the fact that of whitening, so rather of the mini included conditioner I utilized Joico K-Pack. This is a high lift colour, by the method, so a shade that appropriates for light brown hair, which is quite dark for a blonde hair colour (light brown tones are typically numbered 05 or 500 or 5.0 if you do not understand exactly what Subrina suggests by light brown). For lighter hair I’d select their 1020 or 1080 shade, which have neutralising tones more matched for lighter hair (they resemble 20/2 and 80/8 on the photo listed below). 


SUBRINA Beauty Hair Colours

These got a make over and an enhanced formula that is more extreme (particularly red tones) and more lasting. I never ever utilized among Beauty colours, simply Spectra and Butter Colour, however my mom utilizes shade 47 Hazel (a light brown with a small gold show). why I’m discussing these is that this line now consists of the blonde toner shade Super Cool Demi-permanent Toner, which is the exact same as the ceased Subrina Spectra 8/10 Ice Blonde I utilized a number of times when I handled to bleach my hair extremely light – you can see the outcomes here. It’s ammonia totally free similar to Butter Colours and has a 3% designer, and is as far as I understand the just such toning shade in our pharmacies. It can be utilized after whitening to tone out yellow or if you color your hair blonde with a box colour, you can utilize it on the currently colored lengths of the hair to simply revitalize the colour while you do roots with a more powerful colour & designer to avoid excess damage. It can likewise be utilized to revitalize the colour at any time you require, so rather of a purple hair shampoo or mask, however it’s more time consuming – it is more powerful though and more lasting. 


These 3 items handled to get into my makeup/skin care drawer. Guide hasn’t made it’s area 100% yet, however it’s a fascinating one due to the fact that it’s various from what I have actually attempted up until now and I believe it makes the structure look a bit much better, though I have not seen it extending remaining power. As much as a ranted about the pH lip items and how dull Essence & Catrice ended up being, I truly like the formula of Cranberry Lip Oil. It’s so comfy, feels smooth when I rub my lips together and is good for dry lips. Daily Drop is a weak vitamin C serum that is extremely light, so I like utilizing it in the early morning, plus the syrupy orange aroma is good.   



PATTERN IT Up Delicate Balance & Cover Makeup

Ghastly structure, I do not remember attempting anything so bad. It’s possible this bottle was utilized by some morons as a tester and possibly it dried a bit, however that’s not truly a reason due to the fact that I had extremely old structures that were simply great. Very first time I attempted it simply over Cezanne High Moist, which is a hydrating toner, so light on the skin without any capacity for pilling and it was simply not possible to use this efficiently. So I however, ok it’s quick drying, I’ll attempt something extremely moisturising under it and got the exact same outcome, however simply a bit even worse, which I didn’t believe was possible. It’s so irregular and it peels/flakes – it’s beyond awful. Total waste of 3 €. 

I currently dissed this one in an evaluation, however I presumed that it simply doesn’t fit me or my skin type, so I kept both bottles that I needed to utilize on other individuals. Which I did due to the fact that it was the just great match in my collection and it was awful. So dry, apparent, cakey and simply draining pipes. I needed to utilize many layers of Pixi Radiance spray to make good. It’s simply not a good structure. I utilized to have a good stash of Oriflame structures that they constantly send me in too dark tones, however they are so great. Their Giordani Gold Age Defy is especially lovely, which I then handed out due to the fact that it was an excellent match & formula, and I truly want I had that a person is a shade that matches me. 

SUN DANCE Matte Sonnenfluid SPF 50

Several years earlier, 9 to be exact, Sun Dance had a mattifying fluid that was light, not sticky-tacky and comfy, though it had some sun block shine, it wasn’t that extreme. So naturally they ceased it and since then they highlight a “mattifying” sun block every year that’s much thicker and I simply can’t picture this on oily skin. Why call it matte, if it’s no place near matte? And I have dry skin. Now, it’s not awful – there no white cast and it has that beautiful Sun Dance sun block odor that I enjoy, however it’s the heaviest, most glossy sun block in my collection. Likewise it’s not possible to use 2 fingers worth of item. I’m not that dissatisfied by this sun block, I’m dissatisfied by DM/Sundance for not attempting any longer.   


COLOURPOP Stone Cold Fox Cool Tone Eye Shadow Combination – I require to upgrade my eye shadow scheme stash. I sometimes do other individuals’s makeup and they all desire the exact same Naked scheme appearance, however my own is older by now (as is the rest of my high-end things) and I ought to purchase something great that’s going to last me a while and use some range of natural appearances – more for me than for them, however all my high-end combinations are old and I require something high quality and neutral. I have a number of Colourpop combinations, which are excellent quality, though shimmers aren’t all excellent, however in general their formula carry out as far more pricey ones. I like the appearance of this one and it’s not that pricey – if you do not count shipping and other expenses.

TOO Dealt With Natural Eye Shadow Combination – Another extremely standard looking naked scheme, however that’s what I desire. I have the initial Chocolate scheme and quality of eye shadows is excellent, so I presume this one has to do with the exact same. 

TARTE Tartelette in Blossom – This has actually been on my wishlist for a long period of time and I still see it is among the most offered combinations on Sephora. It’s another standard neutral scheme.


GOSH Mineral Powder – Somebody advised me this on IG and we got a brand-new Gosh stand in a regional Müller, so I provided it a fast test and liked what I see. Shade 002 is light and it appeared like it has a good level of protection. It’s been a while, because I have actually had an appropriate mineral structure and I check out 2 totally contrasting evaluations, however one was handling oiliness and I do not truly have oils coming through throughout the day, so it may be okay. 

L’ORÉAL PARIS Midnight serum Age Perfect Cell Renew – Active ingredients of this looks absolutely nothing unique and it has alcohol high up on the list, however it has many excellent evaluations I’m simply curious. In some cases items with unimpressive solutions simply work. Some state it seems like Estee Lauder ANR, which I had and enjoyed. 

LA ROCHE POSAY Anthelios Anti-Shine Sun Cream Gel SPF50++ and Anthelios UVMune 400 Unnoticeable Fluid SPF50 + – I enjoy my Garnier Fluid, however LRP has a brand-new cutting-edge filter Mexoryl400 in UVMune variation, which seems like a great financial investment to make. I hear Anti-Shine Sun Cream Gel SPF50+ is mat and after purchasing SunDance I understood I do not wish to trouble with glossy SPFs.

MISSHA Aqua Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA++++ – I had a tester of this a while earlier and liked it a lot. It has a creamy dry-to-the-touch surface and it advised me of Biore I utilized to purchase. 

NIVEA Body Souffle Cherry Bloom – I have simply one body moisturiser left and it’s one with lactic acid high up on the list, so not for upcoming warm days. I had this in the coconut variation and though I did not like the aroma, I remember it being truly great for dry skin and it has more long-lasting impact than all other body moisturisers I have actually attempted, apart from the Q10 Firming cream. In spite of the name, it’s not too light.

NIVEA Body Milk Firming Q10 Plus Vitamin C – another extremely excellent body moisturiser I currently had. This likewise made my skin softer, which none other moisturiser did. I didn’t enjoy the texture as much as Souffle’s, however.

OLAPLEX No. 9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum – Most current Olaplex item, this one is light serum that differs from n.6 and n.8 silicone totally free. I have all Olaplex items, so I prepare to attempt this one too.

ECOOKING Peeling Maske – I had a small pot and it’s the only AHA mask I really like. TO 30% AHA not does anything on me, however this lastly seemed like something on my durable skin. I desire a little pot once again due to the fact that I’m extremely absent-minded when it concerns acids and I just utilize them when something is incorrect with my skin, so a travel size will be ample once again.

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