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Ana de Armas States Marilyn Monroe Haunted ‘Blonde’ Film

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe.
Picture: Netflix

Marilyn Monroe still understands no peace. The most recent case of disrupting the late bombshell starlet is, naturally, the upcoming motion picture blonde starring Knives Out breakout Ana de Armas as Norma Jeane in a fictionalized account of her life based upon the Joyce Carol Oates book of the very same name. However obviously, Monroe’s spirit existed on set, tossing notes. “I believe she mored than happy,” Armas stated to press reporters at the Venice Movie Celebration on September 8, per a dispatch from Reuters. “She would likewise toss things off the wall often and get mad if she didn’t like something.” blonde director Andrew Dominik proved Armas’s account, stating the set “absolutely handled aspects of resembling a séance.”

Isn’t a motion picture set an office, note a way to call forth spirits of the dead? Specifically spirits whose memory (and even individual products) continue to be pilfered to this day by both the biopic-industrial complex and reality-show stars? Well, it gets weirder. according to Reuters, scenes of the motion picture were shot in the very same house where the made use of star coped with her psychologically ill mom. Not just was Monroe’s death scene shot in the very same space where she passed away, production for the movie even started on the anniversary of the screen legend’s death.

“I really think that she was extremely near to us,” Armas stated. “She She was with us.” Obviously she was. blonde did whatever except a Ouija board to get her in the space. “She was all I considered, she was all I dreamt about, she was all I might speak about,” Armas went on. “She She was with me, and she it was gorgeous.” Stop and believe, individuals … that implies Monroe’s bad spirit is stuck on this dirty aircraft with the rest people. Let’s let the female rest!

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