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An Honest Review of Manicurist Nails

As a beauty editor, I see many brands launching all of the time. With a number of celebrity beauty lines cropping up and skincare lines popping up on what seems like almost every other day, it’s easy to feel a bit jaded by new products that look . One category that I see fewer launches about, however, is nails.

Within the nail category, you tend to have the nail polish heavyweights that have dominated the market for years. Think high street nail brands such as Essie or Barry M, and professional brands that you may find in your local salon, such as OPI and CND. The there are the luxury nails brands such as Chanel, Hermes and Dior that are used by some of the top nail technicians on Instagram. However, there aren’t many new nail brands launching, or bringing something new or unique to the nail market. That’s where Manucurist has come in.

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