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Air Up Water Bottle Evaluation

I initially found out about the Air Up water bottle the exact same method I discover the majority of things nowadays: on TikTok. Whichever influencer I scrolled past made an engaging case. The bottle tastes your water, however not by including a booster to the water itself. Rather, you purchase “scent pods” that slip over the mouth piece. As you consume, you capture a whiff of the aromas — which techniques your brain into believing that the water you’re drinking is seasoned.

As somebody who’s still securely stuck in her La Croix age and can quickly remove a six-pack in a day, I confess that I often get worried about what the “natural flavorings” in my canned seltzer of option may be doing to my body. So Air Up appeared too excellent to be real. I favorited the video so I would keep in mind to check out it and kept scrolling.

I could not get Air Up out of my head, partly since I began seeing a growing number of influencers gushing about the bottle. Even Kim Kardashian was found with it when she was running on a Peloton Tread along with Ashton Kutcher and trainer Robin Arzón. So when the brand name provided to send me a bottle to check out, I leapt at the possibility to smell ‘n drink.

What I Like About the Air Up Water Bottle

To Begin With: it’s a great bottle. It’s constructed out of long lasting frosted plastic (BPA-free Tritan, the Air Up site states), with a rubber mouth piece that connects to the straw and a cap for when you’re on the go. The straw offers excellent suction and lets you slurp up almost every last drop of water from the bottle, while the broad mouth makes it simple to tidy.

However, undoubtedly, the splashy function here is the fragrance. Does it truly taste your water?

Truthfully, amazingly, yes. I attempted 3 tastes: basil–lemon, lemon, and lime. To utilize the bottle, you move a scent pod over the rubber mouth piece. When it’s lowered and you consume from the straw, you get routine, unflavored water. However when you pull it up, you “trigger” the scent pod. This video discusses more, however generally, bring up the scent pod permits air bubbles to form as you consume through the straw; those bubbles go by the pod, taking in fragrance as they do. Then they strike your nose, permitting you to taste whatever you’re smelling. Air Up works by producing what’s called the retronasal impact, which is the exact same thing that assists you taste your food when you’re consuming or consuming.

Each pod lasts about “1.3 gallons of water,” according to the brand name — they think that’ll offer each pod a life expectancy of about a week. I have actually been utilizing a lemon pod for about 10 days now, and it’s still going strong. And although the scent pods are the entire point of Air Up, I likewise liked that you might press the pod down and consume routine water whenever you felt the desire.

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However among my preferred functions was that you might consume gleaming or flat water out of the bottle. If my La Croix practice didn’t currently offer me away, I’m a seltzer lover, and frequently water bottles, specifically ones with straws, aren’t developed to hold up against the bubbles. Air Up is, which is much valued.

What deserves Keeping In Mind About the Air Up Water Bottle

It did take a couple of minutes for me to master how to utilize the scent pods and to get utilized to the air bubbles that are produced when you trigger the pod. Although the bubbles are indicated to be there, it might seem like the water circulation was faltering, specifically when I was drinking seltzer. Within a day approximately, however, I stopped discovering it a lot and had the ability to simply enjoy my “seasoned” water. I liked some tastes more than others (lemon was tasty; the basil was nearly overwhelming), however I got a strong taste from every pod.

It’s likewise on the costlier side of the water-bottle spectrum. The least expensive starter package, which features a bottle and a pack of 3 scent pods, will run you about $40; if you go with a more pricey color and taste, it might amount to $50. Subsequent three-packs of pods cost $8 each. Less expensive than a six-pack-a-day La Croix practice, for sure, however still an expense worth thinking about.

The scent pods are made from plastic, too, which deserves keeping in mind for eco-conscious water enthusiasts. The pods aren’t recyclable, although Air Up states that refilling their water bottle will conserve you from including single-use plastic water bottles to the garbage dump.

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Who Is the Air Up Bottle Best For?

Anybody who thinks they must be consuming more plain water however can’t live without the flavorings. Air Up offers you the enjoyment of a La Croix or instilled water without anything in fact included.

Is the Air Up Water Bottle Worth the Splurge?

It depends upon what you’re trying to find out of a water bottle. If you like to meddle flavored water every now and then however aren’t always dedicated to purchasing taste boosters or flavored cans or bottles, then Air Up might be a terrific alternative — you can slip a pod on when you seem like flavoring and utilize it as a regular bottle the remainder of the time.

Another individual who might wish to go all in on Air Up is anybody who likes flavored waters however desires an alternative without any sweet add-ins or unclear “natural flavorings.”

Extra Information

In the United States, the pods presently can be found in the following tastes: lime, lemon, apple, blueberry, cherry, cucumber, peach, watermelon, wild berry, orangeade, basil–lemon, and mango–passionfruit.

The bottles presently can be found in the following colors: pearl white, charcoal gray, ocean blue, electrical orange, and hot pink.

When it comes to what comprises the aromas: the Air Up site states the pods include “natural tastes, drawn out from fruits, plants, and spices” that are “crafted by a prominent European taste home.”

Where Is the Air Up Water Bottle Available?

You can purchase an Air Up bottle and taste pods ($40 and up) on the Air Up site.


Image Sources: POPSUGAR Photography / Mirel Zaman and Air Up

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