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9 Outfits That Make the ’80s Look the Coolest

Ah, the 1980s. The decade of shoulder pads wider than doorways and hairstyles dependent on whole cans of hair spray was not an easy time for minimalists or shy and retiring types. Many people who lived through the extreme fashions of the day recoil in horror now at the thought of them returning. Eighties outfits were all about ultra-conspicuousness and being noticed. From meringue dresses and rah-rah skirts to leg warmers and stilettos, Spandex and lamé to door-knocker earrings and giant sunglasses, this was the era of OTT style, and the ’90s took a sharp about-turn following the visual overload.

Now, with time and distance from this wild fashion period, not all 1980s ensembles seem quite as hideous as they once did. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if you look closely, you’ll find many key looks from the ostentatious epoch cropping up in today’s coolest trends. Puffball dresses and puff sleeves are certainly back. Just think of the cloud-like frocks bouncing all over IG. Cut-outs and tight LBDs are popular once more—the S/S 22 runways say so. Oversize suiting is in, as are “mom” jeans, loafers and baseball caps. Together, they were the power combo of the 1980s, and today they’re looking just as great in influencer circles.

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