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9 Environmentalists From round the World Share Their Hopes This Earth

We know that every day should be Earth Day – but 22 April remains a date that sees people around the world rallying together for the environment day. Given the stark warnings in the report that is latest through the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC), it is more important than in the past that urgent action is taken fully to protect the planet, along with those who find themselves currently bearing the brunt of the very severe ramifications of the environment crisis globally.

Below, Day eight environmentalists from around the world share what their hopes are this Earth.

Leah Thomas, founder of Intersectional Environmentalist, US

“My hopes for Earth Day this year are that people of color are able to find joy on Earth – and to see themselves represented in positive environmental stories and solutions that are climate. I Wish To root my environmentalism in joy, solutions and hope, as opposed to doom.”

Elizabeth Wathuti, creator of Green Generation Initiative, Kenya

“i really believe inside our capacity that is human to deeply and act collectively. I believe in our ability to do what is right in our hearts if we let ourselves feel it. And I also think we are able to definitely find our way to avoid it of this crisis that is planetary face – but to do so we will need to change our way of thinking and start telling new stories about what is important and what is possible”.

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Mitzi Jonelle Tan, convenor of Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines

“This Earth Day, I hope that more people have hope. With the recent IPCC reports, I’ve seen so people that are many that the entire world is closing and that individuals can not do just about anything about this. I really hope individuals realise that there’s energy in figures and that to deal with the environment crisis, we have to get together, demand justice from politicians globally and hold polluters that are major. We need to fight for system change. We need to fight to build the beautiful, better, safer and greener world that we deserve. For this, we need collective action.”

Nina Gualinga, Indigenous climate activist, Ecuadorian Amazon

“I hope that Indigenous voices and solutions are centered in the conversations around climate change and justice that is environmental. For many who nevertheless do not understand why this is really important: native individuals across the world take the frontlines maintaining fossil fuels into the ground, protecting land, biodiversity and also the globe environment. Native legal rights and lands have to be respected and protected as the wellbeing and future of people and the planet is intertwined with the future and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples.[and]“However, the responsibility cannot only be placed on Indigenous peoples, who are the least responsible for climate change. Everyone must do their part, especially the world and corporations who are responsible for environmental destruction and climate chaos

must be held accountable* that is.”(

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