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8 ’90s-Inspired Summer Outfits to Try This Season

’90s style can be divided into two very distinct aesthetics. The first centers around butterfly clips, tie-dye t-shirts, and bedazzled denim, while the other, by contrast, is more minimal. The sort championed by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and Jennifer Aniston, which focused on cleaner lines, sleeker silhouettes, and a generally muted color palette. As we go forward, this is the ’90s mood I’d like to present to you, by way of some modern-day summertime outfits. Right now, the style set is incorporating this specific iteration of ’90s fashion back into their wardrobes and, unlike the often polarising Y2K trends that keep cropping up, this is a style throwback I’m very much here for.

This summer, influencers have been showcasing a slew of minimal ’90s-inspired summer outfits on their feeds, with everything from cycling shorts to cargo trousers being given a very polished spin. If you’re keen to give your wardrobe a nineties injection but don’t want to look like an extra from Clarissa Explains It All (no shade), consider the below your guide. I give you eight ’90s-inspired summer outfits to try that don’t look passé for 2022.

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