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’70s Jewelery Is a Mini Trend to Try for Summer

While I mix up my outfits depending on my plans (read: if I’m actually leaving the house), when it comes to jewelery, I tend not to deviate from my six rings, two chain necklaces and small hoop earrings. Some may say boring; I say classic. Jewelery has the power to become a part of you, and I don’t feel like I’m fully dressed until I put on my usual suspects. If I’m going to a wedding or have evening plans, sometimes I’ll go totally wild and switch my hoop earrings to a bigger pair, but that’s as adventurous as I usually get. Of course, I’m always willing to try out new trends, though, and my wardrobe will consist of prints, color and even miniskirts this season. And while sticking to my minimal jewelery feels comfortable, some recent Instagram posts have made me want to branch out with some ’70s-esque additions.

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