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6 Easy Summer Outfits That Are Anything But Boring

If I had to sum up my ideal approach to fashion in one phrase, it would have to be ‘minimal effort, maximum impact’. I love outfits that can be thrown on and styled in no more than five minutes flat, but when you walk out the door you could fool people into thinking you spent hours putting it together.

While for some people, clothes are just something you put on in the morning, I have found that clothes can really have a transformative effect on my mood. I really need to feel comfy but also polished to be the most relaxed and confident version of myself.

Thankfully, summer is a season that lends itself to the low-maintenance approach to dressing, as you can stick to simple and time-tested combinations. Just think of the power of a colorful minidress, which merely needs a pair of leather sandals to truly sing. Or what about the shorts co-ord which started catching on last year but I have a feeling will really gain a cult following this summer. After all, it’s essentially a ready-made outfit.

So whether you’re wanting an ensemble to travel in, head to the pub in or even the office— I’ve got you covered. Scroll down to see the six easy summer outfits that are anything but boring.

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