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5 must-watch shows and movies to watch on Hulu in June 2022

There is some excellent content arriving on Hulu throughout the month of June 2022. What are the top picks from the releases?

When it comes to the full month of releases on streaming platforms, things get overwhelming. There are sometimes hundreds of new shows and movies. Instead of picking something to watch, you find yourself scrolling through content and then choosing something you’ve already watched.

Don’t miss out on the great content arriving on Hulu. We are waiting for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 still, but while we keep waiting, there are some great other options to watch.

We have picked out the top releases for the month to help cut out the overwhelm so you don’t miss them. Here are five shows and movies you’ll want to watch on the streamer this month.

5 must-watch Hulu shows and movies in June 2022

This list is in release date order to help you manage your time the best.

The Orville: New Horizons

fan of The Orville will be happy to know there’s more content arriving. Finally! New Horizons is the third season of the series.

It picks up with the crew dealing with the aftermath of the battle against Kaylon. Now they have some interpersonal issues, leading to some difficult consequences to overcome.

The series is released weekly, with the first episode dropping on Thursday, June 2.

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Screw Seasons 1 and 2

If you missed out on the excellent series Screw when it was on STARZ, you’ll be excited to hear that it’s coming to Hulu. Both seasons are dropping on the platform this month.

The series starts with two sisters returning home after being estranged from each other and from their mom. Their mom has passed away, and they need to figure out what to do with the property she owned and the business she ran. As they do that, they learn a lot of secrets about who she was, bringing up some animosity due to the way she treated them.

Watch both seasons on Tuesday, June 7.

Love, Victor Season 3

We’re certainly feeling bittersweet about this release. Love, Victor Season 3 is the final season of the series, but we know that we’ll end up wanting more.

It looks like Victor is at Benji’s door, but is this just a well-cut clip in the promo? There’s going to be a new arrival to make Victor’s love life all the more complicated. Get ready to meet Nick, played by Nico Greetham.

Watch the final season on Wednesday, June 15.

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FX’s The Old Man

FX has a new series which is also coming to Hulu. it’s called The Old Man and stars Jeff Bridges. He plays Dan Chase, a former CIA agent who now lives off the grid.

When an assassin arrives to take out Chase, Chase is forced to reconcile with his past. He needs to figure out how to survive, which leads to him turning to Zoe McDonald to rent a room from, forcing her to learn how to survive the day when the assassin comes after Chase with her around.

The series premiere airs on Hulu on Friday, June 17 and the episodes air weekly.

Only Murders in the Building Season 2

Last but not least, it’s the Original Series Only Murders in the Building. The second season is coming, and it’s time to see what’s next for our trio of podcasters.

The three have their work cut out for them this season. It looks like they’re being accused of Bunny’s murder, which is n’t surprising considering she was killed by Mable’s knitting needles. Who did it, and can they stay out of trouble as they record their next podcast?

The premiere airs on Tuesday, June 28 with episodes airing weekly.

What are you streaming on Hulu in June 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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