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4 TikTok Clothing Hacks That In Fact Work

There’s a lot to be discovered on TikTok. From ingenious dishes to dance regimens and homeware hacks, the app is basically a one-stop look for tutorials and how-tos, no matter the topic. In reality, knowing is such a big part of the platform’s values the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok presently has more than 200 billion views.

As the social networks editor that I am, today, I chose to look into the world of TikTok tutorials and see what I might discover clothing. As luck would have it, clothes hacks are rather the trending subject on the app, and it looks like every influencer (and their canine) has a concept to share. There are those who have actually discovered umpteen methods to use a silk headscarf as a t-shirt and others who are utilizing kirby grips to modify the waist size of skirts. Shoelaces, I have actually found, have likewise end up being a ubiquitous necessary, being utilized to turn tank tops into halter-necks and large-scale Tee shirts into cropped tops. However which of these #hacks really gets an editor’s seal of approval? I evaluated a couple of to discover. Keep scrolling to see which hacks worked IRL and which ones need to be left online.

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