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4 Prominent Benefits of Applying Ice to the Face

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As you know, what we want most in summer is a little coolness. For this, we get support from air conditioners or prefer refreshing drinks when appropriate, and at this stage, the need for ice comes into play. Well, can’t ice be used for other purposes as well? These little cubes, which we all have in our fridge, have successful effects when it comes to skin care.

Ole Henriksen, who is a celebrity care specialist and then founded his own brand, VogueWhile stating that she includes ice cubes in her treatments in an interview with . Henriksen’s suggestion is to wrap an ice cube in a thin cotton handkerchief and massage it into the skin. If you ask what this method is, which is very simple to prepare and apply, the answer is hidden under the following 4 headings.

A healthy glow

We all want to have a vibrant and bright looking skin. Of course, the products used for this, the nutritional routine and regular procedures are also important. However, since applying ice to your face in circles will increase blood circulation, it has the power to prepare the ground for the skin to become more lively.

decrease in pores

If you have a pore problem, you can get support from ice cubes at this point. Because it minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores and also reduces excessive sebum production, one of the biggest culprits behind acne.

Prevention of signs of aging

Applying ice cubes regularly to your skin is a great way to reduce and prevent the signs of aging. Because it helps to tighten the skin significantly.

Goodbye to puffy eyes

Just as we apply ice to prevent swelling in any part of our body, we can apply the same procedure to reduce swelling in the eyes with a similar logic. In this way, you can reduce your under-eye bags with light pressure for a few minutes in the morning.

Tips for applying ice to the face

– Make sure that the ice container is clean.
– Cleanse your face before applying ice.
– Make sure that there is a barrier between the ice and your skin, such as a thin handkerchief.
– Avoid keeping ice on your skin for too long. Prolonged exposure may cause skin burns.


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