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30A businessman Michael V. Jordan stars in two movies


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ROSEMARY BEACH — A 43-year-old Rosemary Beach entrepreneur has added a new job description to his career: movie star.

Michael V. Jordan has now appeared not just in one movie, but two. Jordan, who previously owned Vivo Spa Salon in Rosemary Beach and several nail salons in the Walton County Road 30A area, has recently co-starred in two award-winning films, “No Man’s Law” and “I Am Mine Alone.”

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The sudden rise of Jordan as an actor came about from a nearly 30-year friendship with Alabama lawyer/writer/filmmaker Richard Douglas Jensen. They met when Jordan was in high school, just before he enlisted in the US Navy. Jensen mentored Jordan, who was raised in Robertsdale, Alabama, in difficult economic circumstances.

“I grew up in a mobile home, and not a nice, new one,” Jordan said. “I knew I had to get out. The Navy was my ticket out.”

After four years of active duty, Jordan enrolled in a community college with a presidential scholarship, then went to massage school and became a therapist. That led to his own spa, culminating in his rise as the Massage Millionaire, a consultancy in which Jordan teaches spa owners profitability strategies.

Jordan sold his spa businesses earlier this year and is planning his next business venture. That gave him time to play movie actor.

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In “No Man’s Law,” Jordan plays a border patrol agent involved in a manhunt. The film premiered in January and is now streaming on Tubi, the free streaming channel. Jordan won three Best Supporting Actor trophies at film festivals worldwide for his role.

In “I Am Mine Alone,” Jordan plays a country boy smart aleck who is friends with a reclusive goat farmer. The film premieres on Sept. 11 at the historic Princess Theater in Decatur, Alabama.

Jensen asked his longtime friend to play both parts because Jordan has “a natural charisma. I’ve loved Michael as a son, brother, friend, business ally — you name it — for decades, and I’ve always been amazed at his incredible — what do the French call it — élan. He’s just charming in spades and has this incredible charisma.”

Jordan, it turns out, is a “movie natural,” according to Jensen.

Jensen said he has four more films in pre-production and Jordan will be in every one of them if the entrepreneur has the time.

“He’s always turning ideas into money, so I hope he has time to play movie actor,” Jensen said.

The 30A entrepreneur said movies aren’t work, and shooting both films was great fun.

“I love working with Richard,” Jordan said. “We had a great time on both films and honestly I want to make more movies. It’s fun. And I’ve worked with some incredible movie actors who’ve taught me a lot.”

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