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28 Square Neck Dresses for Summer, Weddings and Beyond.

One of the most profound references to square-neck dresses in fashion history was in the Renaissance era, with its emphasis on corseted shapes and lustrous materials. Like most fashion trends it has come full circle, albeit less constricted. The modern 2022 equivalent is all about the plunged square neckline that sits just beneath the collar. You’ll now find the square-neck dress in a host of designs, from from shirring to inflated sleeves reminiscent of 80s style dressing to bias fits.

Nowadays, the emphasis is on overexposed, quadrate necklines (with big sleeves to boot, more often than not). As if it wasn’t already popular enough, those with their fingers on the fashion pulse are eager to emulate the lavish shapes seen on screen, as a result of the Bridgeton phenomenon. Although the style is often referenced with the prairie and cottagecore aesthetic in mind, the versatile cut also suits more minimal styles with a 90s feel.

Its clear square-neck dresses are a trend that will endure, as season after season, we’re seeing them dominate. Its timelessness is the very reason most of my investment dresses have these necklines. Of course, there are also many benefits to this style. Firstly, those with a smaller bust can go sans bra in place of shirring. Secondly, it frames necklaces or statement earrings perfectly, which is always a plus if, like me, you’re a jewelery fiend. However, some styles are fancy enough that they don’t require added glamor. Keep scrolling for some tab worthy picks of this classic style. I think it’s around for the long haul.

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