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25 Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Haircuts I’m Screenshotting

When you’re thinking about getting a new haircut, and particularly if you’re looking for low maintenance medium length haircuts, it can be hard to know where to start. Whatever your current hair length, whether it be short, medium or long, switching up your look can be so exciting, but it can also leave you feeling overwhelmed by choice, or unsure of which style to commit to once you’re in the salon chair

The best hairstylists, however, will work with you to find the best haircut and hairstyle for your lifestyle. It’s important to discuss how you would like your hair to look, but also what your needs are. For instance, maybe you’re thinking about adding in some face-framing layers to your medium length hair, but you still want to be able to tie your hair back easily if you’re heading to the gym, or want to keep it out of your face with a claw clip. Or perhaps you want a really low maintenance haircut that you can wash and air dry with minimally heated styling involved. Because not everyone has time to do a 90s blowout everyday. Or, if you want to make finer hair look thicker with a blunt long bob (AKA, the ‘lob’) that will grow out effortlessly in-between salon appointments.

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