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24 Dresses That Prove Cottagecore Is Still Trending in 2022

Some styles come and go, but the really great ones return year after year to prove their sartorial worth. And this is exactly what has happened this summer with a particular trend. If the sky-high hemlines of the Y2K return aren’t quite your cup of tea, then you’ll be pleased with the latest news: Cottagecore is here to stay.

For the past few years, this ethereal style has cropped up to offer a soft alternative to some of the more daring trends served up on the runway. it’s easy to see why we keep returning to this movement; it is nostalgic, loans itself to every season, from spring through to autumn, and looks just as chic on a budget. Inspired by a romanticised idea of ​​country life, cottagecore takes its fashion form through delicate detailing and vintage silhouettes. With idyllic rural living at its core, you’ll find ruffles, florals and floaty styles are prominent features throughout with nods to Victoriana with fitted bodices and corset detailing. For me, cottagecore is like a comfort blanket in fashion form—reliable for lazy days and comfortable to embrace. Think throw-on dresses that one might wear lying on grass and reading a book; basically, anything a Jane Austen character might enjoy.

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