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21 Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles I’m Attempting Today

If you’re anything like me, you may discover doing your hair a little a task. Which is an embarassment, as I like a hairdo that connects an entire appearance together and makes you feel polished. The issue is that doing your hair (particularly if you have long hair) can be time consuming, and we do not constantly have time to do a full-blown ’90s blowout, or attempt that viral TikTok pattern that looks simple, however in truth leaves you huffing in disappointment while attempting to leave the door in the early morning.

Well, dear reader, there is one appearance which is an elegant—yet simple—hairdo that will not make you late in the early mornings. Go into the half up, half down hairdo. It’s fuss-free, easy and fast to do and matches every hair texture. It’s likewise the ideal hairdo if you’re extending the days up until your next hair wash day, or simply do not understand what to do with your hair if it’s not playing ball. It’s the hairdo equivalent of a throw-on sports jacket that immediately raises your appearance. What’s more, this hairdo deals with medium length hair through to long hair.

Ahead, I have actually conserved the 21 finest half up, half down hairdos that I’m conserving for when a bad hair day strikes, and they are bound to provide you a dosage of motivation too.

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