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21 Best Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is less than two weeks away, and like a true procrastinator, you still haven’t found the best Father’s Day gift out there. It’s okay. While you’re not obligated to gift your parent, who doesn’t enjoy receiving a little something? Plus, just because you waited until the last second to purchase said gift doesn’t mean it won’t be a good one.

That’s where I come in. As an editor who already has her gift secured, my pro tip to finding the best last-minute Father’s Day gifts out there is that when in doubt (and short of time), always resort to practical gifts. You play it safe, but you know they’ll be useful. In some cases, the new practical gift will fix past gifting misses or even enhance a past present.

If subscription services or luxury goods aren’t within your budget, we’ve rounded up a handful of last-minute Father’s Day gifts that will timely arrive on time — if you order them at least a week to five days (max!) before June 19, that is.

Birkenstocks, white sneakers, baseball caps, short-sleeve linen shirts, white crew socks, the list goes on. If you find yourself adding to your outfit equations elements that your dad will surely wear, get him these Oakley shades that you would also look great in.

Or maybe has an affinity for fishing, who knows. These under-$70 swim trunks are closet staples that he’ll surely wear over and over again.

Why would you gift him something tech, then? Well, at most, the Apple Watch does many things, but stripped down, it’s still a watch. Rather than approaching the device as something foreign, chances are he’ll slowly but surely all it can do.

Ernest W. Baker Gold Chain Necklace
Very Good Deal

If your dad is like mine, he has a chain for every occasion. One for everyday, one for work, one for events, you get the idea. The chances he’s had those chains since the dawn of his dad days are very likely, too. Switch it up for him with the solid under-$100 chain options currently available at the Ssense sale.

“Hey, Google, what’s the weather today? Hey, Google, how many cups of water do I need to make rice? Hey, Google, turn on the kitchen lights. Hey, Google, play my classic-rock playlist.” Grant him all the tech without him struggling to find the search bar with the Google Nest Mini. Simply set it up and he’ll be entertained. My dad loves to learn new dad jokes from his. Do with this information what you will.

We’ve all seen the meme. If your dad actually works with his bare hands and loves a good DIY project, gift him a garment from a brand that reflects that and not just going for a coffee run in Bushwick.

My grandpa loves to tend his plants and garden. He loves to do so right around noon when the sun is burning him to a crisp. I’ve gifted him some sunscreen in the past, but he always forgets to actually use it. However, he always wears a wide-brim hat. That’s why, if your fatherly figure is like mine, upgrade his hat situation with this one that has a neck flap for added protection.

The remote control loves to go on little adventures around the nooks and crannies of the sofa. Avoid having to join the search team every time by buying this sofa-armrest organizer. From his TV snack to his headphones, this organizer will store everything and look good since it’s available in multiple colors.

What does foot cream have to do with some rest and relaxation? Well, a pedicure works wonders to decompress, but chances are you’ve already gifted him something along those lines in the past. A foot cream is a great re-up for this past gift since it’s something he’ll use on the daily.

Museum of Peace & Quiet SSENSE Exclusive Woven Tapestry Blanket
Very Good Deal

Watching his favorite team play is almost a ritual of sorts. Allow him to be as cozy as possible with a stylish blanket with a message that has the same energy he exudes once he settles down on the couch.

Whether it’s your dad, your grandpa, or an uncle, there’s always a fatherly figure who wears a tank under their button-down shirts. It’s an affordable gift that’s always a hit.

If there’s never a dull meal on your dad’s plate, gift him Mike’s Hot Honey. His grilling game would benefit from this gift, too.

Decaf coffee is a game changer. You get all the flavor of the buzz bean without the actual buzz.

Tapper Gold AirPods Rope Chain
Very Good Deal

Picture this: Last year, you gifted your dad AirPods, but he never uses them because he’s afraid he’ll lose them. Instead of buying him a whole new pair of headphones, get him this rope chain that will convert his AirPods into the wired ones he’s used to.

Whether it’s for sipping his decaf coffee on the porch or on the way to run some errands, a travel mug is always a safe bet.

Another gift to complement all the past teeth-related gifts you’ve given your dad in the past. If you’ve checked off the list the electronic toothbrush and the water flosser, now it’s time to gift him some whitening strips.

Giant T-shirts make for the best pajamas. However, you might have stolen all the tees in his closet. If you’ve done so, gift him a matching PJ set to make up for his loss.

Secure your dad’s phone with this thermal phone case from Phoozy. It prevents overheating but also insulates the device in cold temperatures. It’s one of those “Huh, I never thought about this, but it’s great” gifts.

While cleaning isn’t a cop-out for therapy, help him work through his inner thoughts while using Lupe’s cordless vacuum. He can try it at home for 90 days and return it if it’s not up to his standards.

Here’s another gift that sounds silly but is actually quite efficient: a weighted, cordless jump rope. With its built-in counter, this device allows you to input your weight and tracks the time and rotations you do during your workout. While you can still keep the rope, the cordless option is unique and more helpful if your dad’s coordination is a bit off.

The procrastinator is you. If none of these gifts convinced you, just get your dad a gift card before closing this tab. Simple as that.

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