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20 Engagement Rings You Need to See Now

“The pros of buying a ring (ie already made) means, hopefully, no surprises. You try it on your finger, it fits beautifully, it’s the look and quality that you are searching for, within your price range and no need to imagine beyond that,” says Odet.

“When buying antique and vintage, it’s one of the more sustainable options, which is a huge pro. And buying antique and vintage also means that the ring will still have a very unique quality rather than an ‘off the shelf’ feel. But that doesn’t mean that there are not sustainable, demi-bespoke or one-of-a-kind options on the market in contemporary jewelery – there are.

Designing a ring is a very different journey. Firstly, it’s much more personalized. It gives you much more flexibility, especially when it comes to price range. It’s also a journey, filled with emotion, story and experience. From choosing the loose gemstones or diamonds, to having drawings, renderings and gouache created, to deciding the metal, hidden elements and then having it created by hand as a complete one-off piece.”

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