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1stDibs’s Karen Silveira Highlights 10 Milestone Moments in Luxury

1stDibs has served as the marketplace for ultra-rare and ultra-luxe finds for more than two decades now. Whether it’s a posh Mario Bellini sofa, rare jewelry, high-end housewares, or fine art, the outlet has always aimed to bring the magic of the Paris Flea Market to the digital masses.

To celebrate 21 years since the website’s original debut, 1stDibs creative director Karen Silveira highlights 10 of the most defining moments in lifestyle over the last 21 years—with vintage purchases to match.

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New York Glass and Bronze “Dragonfly” Chandelier

2002. The Met museum opens a new permanent exhibition gallery devoted to the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

At 1stDibs, we celebrate the history, cultural significance, and people behind our treasure trove of beautiful things. With this museum-worthy chandelier, we were excited to shine a light on Clara Driscoll and the other women who brought their artistic vision to Tiffany Studios.


Ancient Egyptian New Kingdom Shabti for Iuferbaku

2005. Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities launches a world tour of King Tut artifacts, 25 years after the public last had access to the treasures. The same year, scientists use technology to do a lifelike rendering of Tut’s likeness, further stirring Tut fever.

We are so lucky to have expert sellers around the world who give our customers access to rare antiquities and the stories behind them. This Shabti, from Egypt’s 18th dynasty, was placed in Iuferbaku’s tomb to act as his servant in the afterlife.

2007. Yamatane Museum of Art in Ginza, Tokyo, presents a special exhibition celebrating Japanese painting masters, including the work of contemporary artist Hiroshi Senju.

Visiting 1stDibs is like taking a trip around the world, with an insider’s curation of the latest hot spots and the important history— and where to find local treasures. This sublime painting by Hiroshi Senju, one of Japan’s most prominent living artists, offers our customers world-class, globally recognized contemporary art, which is created using traditional Japanese techniques.


Art Deco Diamond Bow Brooch

2nd008. 1stDibs launches vintage jewelry.

This Art Deco brooch by Van Cleef & Arpels exemplifies the allure of vintage jewelry that brings treasure seekers to 1stDibs—the masterful craftsmanship required to create the fluid, moveable ribbon; the glamor of Art Deco design by an important maker in the movement’s birthplace; and the original case in which it was passed to its very first owner.


Oyster Shell Wedge Sandals Size 38 – 8

2009. 1stDibs launches vintage fashion.

1stDibs is a fashion lover’s Xanadu—witness these iconic works of art that first appeared on McQueen’s renowned “Irere” runway and have graced the feet of first-name-only-level supermodels—did someone say Kate and Naomi?


Roly-Poly Chair / Moon, 2016

2014. Faye Toogood debuts the Roly-Poly at Salone di Mobile.

We’re always on the hunt for notable talent and original perspectives to introduce to our customers, ranging from yet-to-be-discovered artisans to notable makers creating the new icons of design. We love Faye Toogood’s Roly-Poly Chair, which brings design innovation home, even if you can’t get to Milan for Salone di Mobile.

2015. Mateo NY launches women’s jewelry.

While we love the established jewelry houses, self-taught Matthew Harris of Mateo New York, whose designs are coveted by women ranging from Rihanna to Amanda Gorman, embodies the modern fine jeweler. He creates wearable, refined pieces that marry timelessness and innovation.


Daytona 6263 Men’s Stainless Steel Watch

2017. Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona sells for a record $17.8 million at auction.

When Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona, long considered the what plus ultra of watches by collectors, sold for a breathtaking $17.8 million at auction, the watch community took note. Finding its exact match on 1stDibs? Quel triomphe!


Black Haute Couture Silk “Heavenly Bodies” Dress, 1960s

2018. Heavenly Bodies” shows at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This gown by Madame Alix Grès, identical to the one exhibited at the Met’s Fashion Institute, demonstrates why Grès is widely regarded as one of the most brilliant couturiers of all time. From the masterful construction that creates its deceptively sleek sculptural form to the way this 1960 design looks completely modern, it represents a chance to own a piece of fashion legend.

LaJune McMillian

2021. 1stDibs launches its NFT platform.

Art has always been a reflection of its time and a catalyst for spirited and, sometimes controversial, conversation. 1stDibs offers a range of fine art from the classicists to the vanguard, including this NFT self-portrait by artist LaJuné McMillian, which asks viewers to consider how the Black body is portrayed in the digital realm.

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