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18 Summer Sandals That Won’t Give You Blisters

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When it’s summertime and you can finally let your feet free, they’re like, Yaaaaay! But then, almost immediately, they’re like, Owwwwww. I’m convinced that my feet are more sensitive now that I work from home all day in my bare feet; the usual summer-blister blues are worse than usual. It’s bloody-blister city out here. But I’ve found a few pairs that don’t mess me up and aren’t so orthopedic-looking. My colleagues and friends offered some suggestions as well (namely “Tevas! Tevas! Tevas!”).

Below, a selection of shoes that (hopefully) won’t destroy your feet this summer.

Teva Jadito Universal Sandal

Maybe the internet and my two colleagues, Sangeeta and Brooke, have influenced me, but I feel like Tevas get cuter and cuter each year? Sangeeta described wearing them as “blister-free bliss.”

The Strategist has recommended a different pair of particularly Marni-esque Sorels before, but while scrolling, I found these Teva dupes as well. The brand is known for its comfortable shoes, and these seem like they wouldn’t beat you up too bad, either.

My friend has these, and I’ve seen her wear them to go out dancing. She managed to make it the whole night without complaining that her feet hurt, so I feel like that’s a good sign.

I haven’t tried these, but a girl can dream! I’d endure a blister or two for the Row.

Multiple friends of mine wear these to run errands and to the beach. They come in lots of different colors and have a cool silhouette.

I recently bought a different pair of sandals by this designer, and they’re not cheap, but they make me feel very elegant, and they don’t hurt my feet.

Camper is a go-to for comfortable-yet-cool sandals. I haven’t tried these, but I thought they were particularly fun.

Ancient Greek Sandals
Very Good Deal

These aren’t great for walking long distances because they have no arch support, but I wear a similar pair to the beach or when I’m going out to dinner nearby.

My friend swears by these, so then another friend of mine bought them. And now she also swears by them.

Someone suggested these in a Twitter thread I saw this week, which you might want to check out as well.

Margiela split-toe Tabi shoes, but make them mary-janes sneakers. I’ve seen shoe designer Mari Giudicelli wearing them out and about in New York.

Salomons are great for outdoorsy types. (And city kids who like to pretend they’re outdoorsy types.) But because I’m a fashion type, I bought their collaboration with Comme des Garçons, and I wear them everywhere.

These are on my wishlist. The sneaker sole makes them seem comfortable, and they have a soft suede lining, which will hopefully prevent blisters.

Flats can feel dangerous (and suffocating) in the summer, but these literally fit like a glove and have air holes. I wore them all last summer.

I used to have a pair of these, and they made me feel like Emil-ee in Par-ee. These have no arch support but are super snug on your feet.

These are really expensive, but the leather does seem really nice and soft as it molds to your feet. My friend wore them all last summer and never complained.

Fashion assistant Vivian Chuang offered a tip for preventing blisters before they happen — and after: “I buy a roll of moleskin tape and cut as needed for blisters,” she says. “I can basically cut it into any shape, and it stays on, even in the heat. It does leave a bit of residue when you take it off, but it can be easily cleaned with soap. Most of my shoes give me blisters, but I love them, so I wear them with this!”

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