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18 Addictive Shows Like Game of Thrones to Watch Now


three years have passed since game of Thrones‘ series finale, and we’re still not entirely over it. Yes, it’s partly because the series’ swan song was mid at best, but Ass was also millions of fans’ fantasy fixes for the entire 2010s. While House of the Dragon will soon be available to fill the Westeros-sized holes in our hearts, there are also plenty of other shows to satisfy your TV cravings. Bloody battle scenes, dramatic romances, and captivating fictional worlds aren’t actually that difficult to come by. From outlander to Peaky Blinders, here are eight other shows that will give you the game of Thrones vibes you love and miss.

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The Last Watch

In case you’re not quite ready to let go of the original series, check out the game of Thrones behind-the-scenes documentary The Last Watch. See how Season 8 was made, from filming the Battle of Winterfell to Emilia Clarke saying her final goodbye. Plus, a teary-eyed Kit Harrington makes an noteworthy appearance. Watch Now



Time travel, steamy sex, intense action—outlander offers all this and more. The show follows Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe), a 1940s combat nurse transported back to 1743, who falls deeply in love with a Scottish Highlander (Sam Heughan). Head-spinning romance and adventure ensue. Watch Now


The Witcher

This fantasy adaptation has the battles, hookups, and complicated lore that Thrones fans will love. It also has a great trio of powerful heroes (played by Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, and Freya Allan), and an original song that’ll become your next obsession. Watch Now


The Wheel of Time

Rosamund Pike leads this adaptation of Robert Jordan’s 14-book series (which actually predates A Song of Ice and Fire). The fantasy tale follows a group of young people who may or may not have a chosen one among them, called the “Dragon Reborn.” Watch Now


Shadow and Bone

Based off Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books, this sweeping series takes place in a world split in half by a region of monster-filled darkness called The Fold. think Thrones‘ military intrigue mixed with magic training and intricate heists. Watch Now


Peaky Blinders

Switch up the scenery with this British crime drama set in Birmingham, England in the immediate aftermath of World War I. The show follows infamous gang leader Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) as he embarks on a dangerous quest for money and power. Watch Now


Once Upon a Time

Cinderella, Snow White, Captain Hook and a host of other fantastical characters tow the line between fiction and reality in this dark and twisted ABC series. You’ll never look at your favorite fairytales the same way. Watch Now


Black Sails

Written as a prequel to Treasure Island, Black Sails takes place 20 years before the book, with the storyline following Captain Flint (Toby Stephens), a notoriously feared pirate fighting to defend New Providence Island from the British and Spanish. Watch Now


The Last Kingdom

Jon Snow could learn a thing or two from The Last Kingdom. The show follows Uhtred, a Saxon-raised Viking who discovers his ancestral birthright—and decides to go after what’s his. Watch Now


Stranger Things

With the fifth and final season on the way, there’s no time like the present to acquaint yourself with the little town of Hawkins and a couple of kids who get themselves mixed up in some otherworldly business. Bring on the theories. —Julie Kosin Watch Now


The Spanish Princess

It’s common knowledge that George RR Martin used incidents from England’s devastating War of the Roses to shape the books that would become game of Thrones. With Starz’s The White Queenthe White Princessand now, the Spanish Princessyou can follow these events through the eyes of the women at their center. —Julie Kosin Watch Now


the Tudors

Or, if you just want more blood, sex, and fancy costumes, revisit the reign of Henry VIII and his six wives (hi, Natalie Dormer!) in this delicious four-season series. —Julie Kosin Watch Now



A warring family of media moguls showcase their absurdity in this wryly hilarious comedy. Do yourself a favor and catch up before Season 4. —Julie Kosin Watch Now



Interpersonal manipulations, convoluted timelines, bloody warfare, and an all-seeing being? Sounds familiar… —Julie Kosin Watch Now


His Dark Materials

Dafne Keene, James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson and Lin-Manuel Miranda star in this television adaptation of Philip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy. His Dark Materials tells the story of a parallel universe where humans paired with daemons (animal representations of their soul) battle angels and witches. think Base meets Chilling Adventures of Sabrina meets out of this world. Watch Now


Wild Cards

It’s 1946 and 90 percent of the Manhattan’s population has been killed off by an alien virus. The majority of those remaining are left with physical deformities, while a small group are gifted supernatural powers. edited by Game of Thrones’ George R. Martin, the Wild Cards book series is currently being adapted by Peacock (having moved to the NBC streamer from Hulu).

Coming soon to Peacock. Read the Book Now



Bonus! fleabag may not have the dragons and gore you’ve come to expect from game of Thronesbut its unapologetically horny narrator brings all the searing wit and familial power struggles you wish Season 8 could’ve provided. Plus, Olivia Colman’s Godmother could incinerate Cersei with a cocked eyebrow. —Julie Kosin Watch Now

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