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13 Summer Trends Our Editors Love, and 7 They Don’t

Although our love for all things fashion is a common thread running through the Who What Wear UK team, I’d be lying if I said we always agreed on the trends we love and the ones we wouldn’t be caught dead in. It’s true that some items unit us (like that Loewe tank or this COS dress we’ve all just gone and bought)— but mostly we each have our own personal style that works for our respective body shapes and different tastes.

Sometimes our differences will ignite great debate in the office and provide inspiration for an article just like this one. Recently, when we were all discussing the summer trends we couldn’t wait to wear, as well as the ones we’d like to leave (in Y2K, mostly), there were cries of agreement as well as outrage. So we thought it would be fun to document (some) of what was said, and share with you exactly which trends our editors think are worth investing in this summer.

Not everyone can like everything, after all— what’s that saying, ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’? But since our editors are pretty well versed in which trends have legs and which are likely to be more fleeting, as well as which will leave you feeling confident and polished and which aren’t quite as realistic for wearing day to day— I’m hoping the below should also help you shop more smartly for the season ahead too.

From school uniform to itsy bitsy string bikinis, denim shorts to micro minis— keep scrolling to see the trends we’re planning to leave to the catwalks, and then shop the ones we’re championing for a place in our suitcases this year

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