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13 French-Girl Perfumes That Smell Seriously Chic

As a beauty editor with an affinity for all things scented, I am a strong believer that perfume is not something defined by notes but rather personality. I identify perfumes by the feelings they evoke. It might sound a little odd, but before I settle on a new fragrance I consider what sort of a person the perfume might be and what sort of person I can imagine wearing it. To me, fragrance is a form of escapism that helps to better how I feel about myself on any given day.

Over the years, I have experimented with a whole range of fragrance personalities. During the winter months, for example, when I need a boost I often find myself reaching for what I like to call, offense-on-the-senses scents—ones that smell sumptuously deep, warm, and strong, evoking a sense of power. Come summer, I tend to lean towards lightweight, care-free scents that ooze that sort of laid-back, cool-girl personality I wish I had. And while my fragrance personalities very much change with the seasons, as well as my mindset and style, there is one particular fragrance personality I find myself drawn to all year long—something I call the French-girl perfume.

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