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13 clean beauty brands to have on your radar in 2022

Clean beauty brands are becoming more common as the beauty industry looks towards more sustainable methods of production and composition. While it can be difficult to decipher which brands are embracing clean beauty from those erring on sustainability as a marketing ploy, there are a selection on the marketing employing clean practices in their products and production methods. To help you get started on your clean beauty journey, we’ve broken down what the term encompasses and included a curated selection of local and international brands to shop.

What are clean beauty brands?

Broadly speaking, clean beauty products are made without ingredients proven or suspected to harm the skin and/or environment they are produced in. While it is a largely unregulated term, which is what makes it different to organic beauty, natural ingredients are the dominant form used in the formulation of the products, with this often extended to the packaging of the product – some may be refillable, or even coming without casing and rather being a solid bar form.

Emma Lewisham

New Zealand brand Emma Lewisham is renowned for its conscious attitude towards beauty and packaging, offering refillable products and intimately concocted formulations.

no. 1 de Chanel

The latest innovation from Chanel Beauty, No. 1 de Chanel taps into the clean beauty market through its considered product formulation, range and refillable beauty options.

Milk Makeup

For those on the hunt for a clean beauty brand that doesn’t compromise on quality, look no further than Milk Makeup.


Using clean-treatment ingredients, Kosas are a favorite of those seeking clean, vegan beauty product options in the ever-growing market.

RMS Beauty

A favorite to the likes of Alexa Chung and Sofia Coppola, RMS Beauty is a certified cruelty-free brand focusing on consciously crafted products.


Let’s not forget about those working in the hair product space, with Olaplex leading the way in clean beauty brands for your hair.

Conservation Beauty

Having recently launched, this Australian brand is best known for its dissolvable exfoliating makeup wipes, minimising waste, alongside a slew of considered clean beauty products we’re eagerly adding to our carts.

Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is a Danish brand employing natural, organic ingredients without compromising on quality.

Bite Beauty

Celebrating its 10th anniversary since launching in 2012, Canada’s Bite Beauty employs vegan ingredients in its cruelty and gluten-free product range.


Clean skincare is embodied by the Biossance brand, lovingly crafted with the planet front of mind throughout all aspects of production and formulation.

Youth to the People

A cult favorite clean beauty brand, Youth to the People is a pro-grade vegan skincare brand utilising superfood ingredients in the makeup of products.


Australian brand Ethique are perhaps best known for the shampoo bars, minimising waste and produced using eco-friendly ingredients that are beneficial for the planet and your skin.

LYS Beauty

Committed to sustainability and plant-based ingredients, LYS beauty cater to all skin types, textures and tones in their thoroughly considered product range.

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