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12 Magical Clarifying Shampoos Your Hair Will Love

Striking the balance between clean hair and hair that’s easy to style and looks healthy, is not always as easy as you’d think. For the most part, for styles to stay put they’ll need a little helping hand with things like styling creams or texture spray but these will often contain waxes and silicones to lock out humidity. The thing is, while that’s great for hold, these ingredients will also build up on your hair and scalp as they aren’t absorbed. Product build-up will leave strands looking and feeling lank and scalps flaky—not cute. To remedy this, you need an excellent hair and scalp cleanser. Clarifying shampoos are important for all hair types for multiple reasons. “Using a clarifying shampoo is especially effective BEFORE you put on a deep conditioning treatment,” says Samantha Cusick, Founder of Samantha Cusick London. “This is because the shampoo removes all the nasty build-up that gets caught up in the hair and means hair treatments can get into the hair more effectively.”

A good clarifying shampoo will do more for your hair and scalp than any other shampoo type but should be used in tandem with other less potent formulas to keep hair healthy. If you have dry hair, using a moisture-boosting shampoo for your regular wash and then a clarifying shampoo every couple of weeks will stop hair from feeling stringy and tangled. For oily scalps or fine hair, hair can be refreshed in between washes with dry shampoo but if you can’t help washing your hair daily, then make your clarifying wash once or twice a week to avoid affecting the quality of your hair. If your hair is damaged or chemically-treated then opt for a strengthening shampoo for your regular wash and limit clarifying shampoos to a couple of times a month for the healthiest hair.

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