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11 Linen Pants and Linen Shirts for Less Than $40 at Amazon

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It finally feels like summer, which means longer days filled with sunbathing, swimming, and — unfortunately — sweating. Dressing for sweltering summer days is all about choosing the right fabrics, and the unofficial fabric of hot weather is undoubtedly linen.

Linen reigns supreme as the best summer fabric for several reasons: It’s lightweight (and therefore breathable), it doesn’t cling to your skin, and it absorbs sweat much better than silk or cotton. Wide-legged linen pants are way cooler than jeans or cotton joggers, and women’s linen shirts take the cake for best breezy top.

But the one downside of linen clothing is that it wrinkles easily and needs to be ironed or steamed before you wear it. that’s when linen blends step in to offer the best of both worlds: The pros of 100 percent linen clothing without the cons of trickier care and higher price points.

Most linen-blend clothing is made with cotton, and Amazon has a wide variety of affordable linen-blend pants and shirts to add to your summer wardrobe. We rounded up 11 picks that will all cost you less than $40.

Below, shop more linen pants and shirts for less than $40 at Amazon.

Buy It! Soojun Cotton Linen Boxy Top, $21.99; amazon.com

Buy It! Merryfun Women’s Linen Button Down T-Shirt, $24.99; amazon.com

Buy It! Karlywindow Long Sleeve Linen Button Shirt, $24.99; amazon.com

Buy It! Runcati Linen Cotton Button Down Bikini Dress, $25.99; amazon.com

Buy It! Fshaoes Wide Leg Linen Trousers with Pockets, $25.99; amazon.com

Buy It! Puimentiua Linen Drawstring Casual Pants with Pockets, $26.99; amazon.com

Buy It! Amazon Essentials Linen Blend Drawstring Wide Leg Pant, $28.20; amazon.com

Buy It! Minibee Roll-Up Sleeve Linen Blouse, $30.99; amazon.com

Buy It! Wugusise High Waisted Linen Palazzo Pants, $35.99; amazon.com

Buy It! IXIMO Linen Drawstring Elastic Waist Pants, $37.99; amazon.com

Buy It! Roxy Oceanside Pant, $39.50 (orig. $44); amazon.com

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