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10 Best Jennifer Lopez Movies

Sadly, neither the Bennifer-starring “Gigli” nor “Jersey Girl” made the cut.

Since dancing her way onto the entertainment scene in the late ’80s, cultural icon Jennifer Lopez has become widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s foremost triple-threat entertainers. Also known as “J.Lo” or “Jenny from the Block,” thanks to her 2002 hit single, Lopez rose to fame as a dancer on the sketch comedy TV series “In Living Color.” Every earliest movies include every movie debut “My Little Girl,” plus the made-for-TV “Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7,” indie drama “My Family,” action comedy “Money Train,” the Robin Williams -led “Jack,“ and crime thriller “Blood and Wine.”

Lopez had her breakout role with Gregory Nava’s “Selena” in 1997, earning a Golden Globe nomination for her starring performance as the late musical legend. She’d star in thrillers “Anaconda” and “U Turn” that same year, beginning a multi-decade action career. Lopez has gone on to act or voice act in a whopping 26 feature films since. That’s not counting her seven documentary appearances, including the 2022 Netflix documentary “Jennifer Lopez: Halftime.” The highly personal documentary explored Lopez’s enduring desire to prove herself.

“Even with her current run of accolades and successes, Lopez has never lost the desire to succeed (or, it seems, gained the ability to settle into the feeling of that success),” writes IndieWire’s Kate Erbland in her review of the movie, concluding: “If someone as talented and driven as Jennifer Lopez thinks she’s not up to snuff, we’re all screwed.”

The best Jennifer Lopez movies don’t always allow the internationally acclaimed recording artist to exhibit all her myriad talents. Not even “Selena” let her sing, and “Anaconda” calls for regrettably little dancing. But Lopez’s best films consistently make use of her gravitational star power, letting her center-of-the-sun energy improve and guide the characters she portrays.

In honor of Lopez’s July 24 birthday — and, let’s be real, her recent marriage to old flame-turned-new husband Ben Affleck — here are the 10 best Jennifer Lopez movies, ranked. Unfortunately, the Bennifer-starring flicks “Gigli” and “Jersey Girl” didn’t make the cut. But, heck, neither did Lopez’s visually bonkers role in horror flick “The Cell.” The bar on J.Lo’s perfect 10 is just set that high.

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